The 9th Annual Open Forum

On January 13th, Joy2theWorld held its 9th Annual Open Forum. This event, which takes place every January and August, is an opportunity for all current and new clients to meet and express any questions or concerns regarding the loan and scholarship program. This Forum also focused on the new changes in our staff with the addition on Helena, our new Office Assistant, and Matthew, our new Executive Director.

Starting at 9:30 a.m., women starting to wander in. Our event started at 9, but no one actually comes when you ask them to. This is referred to as “Ghana Time.” We opened the service with a Ghanaian prayer.

We gave special tickets to the first 50 attendees and then raffled off children’s vitamins and head scarves for the women.

Also, we have developed a strong relationships with some members of the medical community and nurses from Kumasi volunteered to give free breast exams to all the women. We transformed our office space into exam rooms and the nurses showed women posters with photos of the devastating affects of breast cancer.

Afterwards, they set up registration tables and women lined up to get examined!

It was so great to see people work together to benefit the community.

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