Dirty Monkeys, Floating Bridges, and so much more..


Some of you may have already read this post as it is continued from the Cape Coast post, but I decided that it was too long when joined with the first, so I seperated it into its own adventure. After leaving Cape Coast, Nick, Isaac and I headed to the Kakum National Park…

The forest was lush and beautiful and the canopy was amazing to look at!

The canopy was hundreds of feet above the forest floor.  If you look close you can see that the walkway is made of a ladder with a board placed on top of it, surrounded by a net..Seems safe enough…

Or not… this is me freaking out as I watched my life flash before my eyes with every step. The worst part is that the whole tour group would be walking on the canopy bridge at the same time and since I went first, I could feel the shift of the bridge with the new weight of each person. Not fun. Nick and Issac were completely comfortable (as you can see below)…

After the seventh canopy bridge, yes there were seven bridges to cross, I got a little more comfortable.

Regardless, it was not an experience you could pay me to repeat… On the trail back down from the canopy we stopped for a coconut water.

Randomly, as we were leaving we met a guy from Austin who was living in the Philippines working for the American Embassy and he offered us a ride back to Accra.  But not before we stopped at the Monkey Sanctuary! The Monkey Sanctuary was owned by a couple from the Netherlands.  Not only did they have an assortment of endangered monkeys, but species of animals I had never heard of! When we approached the first monkey cage, the monkey ignored us and started playing with himself. No joke, evidence below.

But not all the animals there were as rude. There were crocodiles that looked quite friendly..

And then there were these cat-like animals. I can’t remember what they were called, but they were known for eating large snakes like the green mambo or pythons.

And then there was the mono monkey…

We shared a moment….

And there were funny little wormy things:

and then the monkey who stuck his tongue out at me..

After leaving the Monkey Sanctuary we headed back to Accra and eventually our home in Kutunse. I was exhausted and grateful to have had such a fun and adventurous weekend.  Thanks for reading.


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  1. Roz says:

    Your photo where you “shared a moment” with the monkey is touching and sad. What a connection, its little hand reaching out from inside the bars to touch your hand outside the bars.

  2. Maggy says:

    Hi Syambra! Looks like you’re having adventures o’plenty. So glad you’re posting the blog so we can keep up.


  3. Aron Heintz says:

    You’re the best! I love seeing Ghana through your eyes.

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