Our Trip to the Aburi Botanical Garden

First of all, I promise I will stop sounding like a tourist once I get settled in. I will probably stop feeling like one then as well. Last week we went to the Botanical Gardens in Aburi. The nicest part about it, besides the strange and unique plant life was that the closer we got, the more the air smelled like nature and less like diesel and goat poop. Anywhere you are in Ghana that isn’t some kind of lush natural sanctuary smells like diesel and goat poop. Nick described Accra as smelling like diesel and body odor. This is also true. So maybe Ghana smells like goat poop, diesel and body odor. You get used to it, though, I promise.

But none of that existed here. Just lush smells of foreign plants.

The picture above is of Jenn, Haruna (our driver), Kathleen (my boss), and yours truly. There was an old helicoptor that must have crashed in in the garden some time ago and now has become a playground object in the middle of the park. It reminded me of this old plane that is in Vasona Park back in my home town of Los Gatos, CA. I used to play on it as a kid and have a picture of my friends and at the end of our senior year in high school on the plane steps as well.


One of the funniest things I saw there was called a sausage tree. It literally looks like sausages hanging off the vine.

Here you can see Jenn and Nick jumping for it.  I wish I had gotten an better close up, it was quite interesting. I wonder what it would have tasted like.

After we soaked up all the lush surroundings, we ate a late lunch (look for upcoming posts focusing on the food of Ghana…) and passed a sign pointing to the very first cocoa plant imported to Ghana. It is still alive and kicking!

And  at the end of the day I am back to the diesel and goat poop, nothing like, home, sweet home.

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  1. Fernando says:

    Keep em coming Sy! I read all your updates and am happy you are living the dream in the Motherland.

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