Ghana Nightlife

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Accra in particular has a bustling nightlife, with a mixture of westernised bars and clubs as well as the traditional ‘spot bar’, which in my opinion are much more fun and much cheaper. ‘Champs’ is an air-conditioned sport themed bar (decorated with British football strips) at the Paloma Hotel on Ring Road Central, with the Friday night karaoke being one not to miss for some, and one to avoid for others.

A popular place in Accra is ‘Bywels’, a jazz club that comes to life on Thursday nights, with the perfect mixture of locals and expats. The beach resort of ‘Next Door’ on the beach road is also worth checking out.

In Kumasi, ‘Vic Baboo’s’ is another themed restaurant that makes amazing milkshakes, and also has an internet cafĂ© which, guaranteed, will open ‘next month’ whenever you turn up! Travelling around the country, the nightlife really is nothing to shout about except for the occasional roadside bar.

Concerts can be seen at the national theatre in Accra. The School of Performing Arts, University of Ghana, Legon often hosts drama, poetry and cultural dancing shows. Foreign and Ghanaian films can be seen at the Ghana Film Theatre and Executive Film House in Accra.


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