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A little about me: Other than gearing up for the 365 day adventure in a country, continent and culture that I have never experienced, I am a lover of exploring the unknown. ( I guess that is a given.) I love words and everything that can be done with them, the power of independent media and entertainment, people watching, and discovering how connected we all really are. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from the University of California, Santa Cruz, and for the past four years worked in everything from education to international development to nationally broadcast television entertainment. I've also waited tables and hosted bar trivia.. When asked "Why Ghana?" I reply, "Why not?" I am incredibly excited to see what doors this year in Africa will open up for me.

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Navigating Niger: My Last Days in West Africa


After finishing up with my job at USAID and saying farewell to my friends in Benin, I boarded a bus that would eventually get me to Niger (around 500 miles north of my former home city of Cotonou.) First, I stopped half way up the stretch of Benin to visit a few Peace Corps friends. …

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Pack it Up, Pack it In, I’m Leaving Benin!


It is diffucult to know exactly how to express my experience of preparing to say good-bye to the city of Cotonou and all the people that have made it feel like home.  I arrived here in January knowing all of five words in French, and having only one person as a contact to help me …

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Around the World in 16 Days…

Wedding Weekends Fall 2012 004

Ok actually, its more like half-away around the world twice, but same general idea right? As many of you know, I recently took a trip back home  to be a bridesmaid in two weddings (back to back weekends I might add…) both in my hometown in Northern California and in lovely Orange County (that’s south …

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The Final Countdown…

60 days

I know my schedule for when I am actually leaving Africa has been a bit confusing (even to me!)… So for those of you out there who are wondering when in the world I am actually moving back to the United States, this blog is for you! My FINAL date of work at USAID is …

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Ganvie: The ‘Venice of Africa’.. (kinda.)

Ghanvie and late july 021

A city built on the water is familiar to us all in the Western world. Venice, Italy is a watery, romantic wonderland that lures lovers of ancient scenery from around the world. Ganvie, found a few miles outside my home city of Cotonou, is like that. But instead of  gondolas and hot Italians, we have …

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Would You Like a Side of Amoebas with That?


Warning to my readers: What I am about to talk about is gross. Really gross.  Bodily functions, little critters living inside the human body, poop, etc.  If choose not to read this blog, I won’t be offended. If you do, don’t judge me for what I write. I am only doing it because I want …

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The Key to International Diplomacy? Karaoke! (duh.)


A Dutch contractor,  a Japanese surgeon, a Russian diplomat, a few Beninese locals , and four Americans walk into a bar…. No, it’s not a bad joke, it’s just your average Saturday night in Cotonou.. Last weekend, my friend Claire , Will, Wesley (also Embassy folks) and I joined with our local Beninese crew to …

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Who’ll Stop the Rain?

jug pic

You are all welcome for the Creedence Clearwater Revival reference in the title.. I thought for a long time about which song titles would also work for blog titles about climate change in Africa… it was either that, or Rock Me Like A Hurricane by Scorpions.  Or even better… a Toto reference : But the …

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Justice and ‘The Peace’

Marcus and rebecca

In my past few months  in Benin, I have gotten to know many of the local Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) who are serving in the country. Besides being a nice introduction to quasi-normal social life, I have heard remarkable stories about the courage, patience and endurance it takes to work and live in this country as a …

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Thanking My Guardian Angels..

happy andrea

“First of all, before I go on, know that I am alive, not missing any appendages or suffering from any broken bones..” These were the first words I said to my mom on the phone when I called her yesterday from the hospital. For those of you who haven’t read previous posts regarding me living …

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